The Crew

Larry has been in the automotive business since he was in elementary school. He rebuilt his first engine when he was twelve and his first transmission when he was thirteen. He has ten years of Dealership experience and twelve years of independent experience. He is A.S.E. certified and knows what he is doing. He is married with four children and one beautiful grandbaby.
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Steve is our service advisor and customer relations man. His great sense of humor and his knowledge of knowing the needs of customers makes him a great asset. Steve is married with four children and two grandchildren.
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Rob is our Transmission Tech and Differential Specialist. He has worked for Chrysler and is good at diagnosing problems. He is easy going and enjoys what he does. Rob is married with four children.





As for Rose or "Mom" as we all know her! What can we say! Although officially retired, she still comes by every day to lend a helping hand, making sure that the office still runs smoothly. Whenever help is needed, we can count on her to be there. She has been the "heart" of this organization since day one; at Larry's side until his passing in 2002. The legacy will continue to go on with the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Her life is truely blessed, as is ours for having her here with us.



Together since 1956, raised six children and are blessed with twenty two grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. So all in all, I guess this shows there will always be family to carry on the business tradition. Larry Sr. worked for a Pontiac Dealership for twelve years and was in business for himself for thirty five years. Larry Sr. is no longer with us but his legacy will remain. Rose stood by his side all those years and still does the books at the shop.